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There is an amazing bond between freelancers, content creators, and community members in the content creation industry. Stream Beginnings understands that unique bond and it deserves a title that captures that bond and highlights the professionals that customers will work with on Stream Beginnings. Thus, the Streamlancer title was born, depicting community focused and talented freelancers that help bring imaginations to life.

Why Freelance With Stream Beginnings?
Because We're Part of the Community!

Stream Beginnings was created by freelancers, streamers, and enthusiasts. We likely follow and subscribe to many of the same content creators that you do. During our time in the industry, we've found content creators that are not always confident about where they can find custom channel assets and freelancers don't have many options for conducting business. Stream Beginnings offers a platform that promotes healthy commerce and supports communities in the industry.

Store Features

Feature Rich Marketplace

Each Streamlancer receives their own unique URL to a customizable storefront page. Product upsells, store page enhancements, coupons, product sales, analytics, store branded invoicing, and featured products are a just a few of the features we offer on Stream Beginnings. Start Selling Today!

Project System

Freelancers on Stream Beginnings can sell products on the marketplace AND ALSO submit proposals for custom projects on the same account! The entire custom project can be managed from proposal to payment directly on the site. Streamlancers can request payment by milestone, single charge, or hourly pay.


Need help managing your store? Maybe you work with a partner? On Stream Beginnings, we offer the ability for you to add users to your store! Trusted staff will have their own login and YOU choose which aspects of your store that they can access.

Your Store, Your Way

Your store can accomodate your business model and life style. Use your store to sell products or transform your store page in to a portfolio by creating Catalog Products. Catalog Products can appear on the marketplace and in your store without making it available for purchase.

Vacation Mode

Streamlancers need a flexible platform that can accommodate each streamlancer's unique schedule. Vacation mode allows stores to stop sales and/or post a message that you are no longer open for projects at any time. Activate vacation mode manually or set dates for when you would like your vacation mode to begin and end. Whether you're a part time or full time freelancer, vacation mode gives you the opportunity to be a streamlancer on your schedule.

Store Invoicing

Promote your brand with every sale. Each time one of your digital products are sold on the marketplace, your customer receives a personalized invoice with your store's brand and information.

Customer Service

Show your customers when you're available for customer service by setting store hours and preferred customer service contact methods. Respond to product questions and utilize your store support ticket system for post marketplace sales support. 

Analytics & Reporting

Stay on top of your stores performance with our analytics and reporting system. Print or export your reports directly from the Analytics page. Advanced Analytics includes views by region, daily view count, best lead generating URLs, most viewed products, and monthly product and category performance.

Digital By Design

Sell your own Emotes, Audio Files, Transition Videos, Panels, Overlay Elements, Comics, Backgrounds, or almost anything that can be instantly downloaded. You can also use Virtual Products and Custom Projects to offer non downloadable products and services such as teaching and coaching.

Additional Information

Product Limit

We utilize a product limit to give each streamlancer the opportunity to grow with their store, list their products with pride, and avoid messy micro-charges. Once a store reaches the maximum number of products, simply purchase an increase. All product increases you purchase are linked to your account. No hidden fees and no micro-charges. Start selling today!

How Do You Get Paid?

Getting paid on Stream Beginnings is instant. Simply link your Stripe Account in your store payment settings and every time you make a sale or receive payment from a Custom Project, your portion of the sale is instantly deposited to your Stripe Account. Stripe charges fees and they are automatically taken out. Simply sell and get paid.

What's The Catch? (Fees)

Charges and fees are up front and easy on Stream Beginnings. We charge a Transaction Fee of 5% on every sale and payment. The Transaction fee is automatically split from the payment so you can focus on your projects. Stripe will charge their fees from payments and that's it. Simple and straight forward pricing. For more information on charges and fees, visit our Charges and Fees policy.  


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