Fees & Payments Policy

This policy explains the Fees and Payments associated with opening a Stream Beginnings account.

Changes to Charges and Fees

Stream Beginnings, LLC reserves the right to modify this Charges and Fees Policy at any time, however, should we change this policy in a material way, a notice will be posted on our website along with the updated Charges and Fees Policy. If you disagree with the changes, you may terminate your services.


Streamlancer, vendor, seller, you, freelancer, and candidate are all used to describe the account that has opened any Streamlancer membership account on streambeginnings.com

Customer, they, client, and employer are used to refers to anyone purchasing a product or service through the Marketplace or Project System.

We, admin, company and us refers to Stream Beginnings.


Vendors are required to pay the following fees. Please note that the fees listed below do not include any tax laws specific to vendor locations.

Transaction Fee

Any sale or transaction made by using streambeginnings.com is subject to a transaction fee. The amount of the transaction fee is based on the vendors membership level. The exact amount of the transaction fee can be found in your membership information. You can find your membership information in your account profile and click on the membership tab.

Stripe Fees

In order for vendors to receive payments on streambeginnings.com, the vendor must have a Stripe account. Vendors will be responsible for any applicable Stripe fees associated with accepting payments through Stripe.

Service Fee

All projects are charged a 5% service fee paid by the customer.

Why This Fee?
This fee is used in many ways.
1. Funds a customer service effort to provide all customers with prompt and caring customer service.
2. Enables Stream Beginnings to offer an open consulting service for everyone. This is an effort to promote inquiring creators to seek guidance for their projects and produce more efficient projects.
3. Helps cover website administrative services.
4. Keeps fees lower for streamlancers.

Avoiding Fees

Any action to avoid paying a fee is forbidden. This includes any effort to communicate with buyers to purchase an item in your Stream Beginnings store or submit payment for projects outside of Stream Beginnings. Any transaction initiated on Stream Beginnings may not be completed off of Stream Beginnings. Vendors may not alter the price or create additional fees after a sale in attempt to avoid fees. Any transaction that is not made on Stream Beginnings for services offered on Stream Beginnings is not covered by our policies and will not be honored. Any user, seller, or buyer found to be in direct violation of this policy will result in consequences that may include, but is not limited to the removal from the website.

How we collect fees

We collect all fees automatically. Transaction fees are collected during the payment process. Service fees are collected automatically when a buyer makes a payment.

Published 03/13/2020


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