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All of the tools to make your channel personal and professional


The Professional package includes multiple guides to programs that enable your stream to fire off alerts when viewers follow, subscribe, donate and more!


At first glance transitions can appear intimidating. In the Professional Package we teach you about the different types of transitions and how to use them.


A large part of growing and investing in your channel comes from community support. In our Professional package of guides you will learn how to link payment methods to your channel for viewers to use and start utilizing donation goals.


Branding is one of the most important parts of growing your channel. Throughout our guides we will show you where to place banners and your logo. We don't stop there. We'll also show you how to create additional branding assets such as channel currencies and merchandise.


To be clear, the Professional Package does not include any overlays but it does show you where to get overlays FOR FREE and how to use them on your channel! We did add a few custom panels in the downloadable version though =D

Live Info

Many viewers are excited to see the channel and community grow. Give your audience live updates with a nearly live count of your followers, subscribers, highest donator, and many many more!

Something for Everyone

Alerts, Overlays, Donation Link, Donation Bar, Production Layouts, Transitions, Branding, Building Scenes, Chat Games, Bots, Moderation, Analytics, Mobile Streaming, Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, Mixer, StreamElements, OBS.Live, Apps, Channel Currency, Extensions, Custom Commands, Advanced Moderation Levels, Badges, Tips, Tricks, Streamer Etiquette and So Much More!

12 Guides and Counting!

Essentials guides are included!

Essentials Labs

Advanced OBS Studio


Streamlabs Chatbot


OBS Troubleshooting



Chat Commands


Essentials Studio


Building Resources Together

This is only the beginnings of our guide project. We have many topics to cover including popular topics such as YouTube and console straming. We hope one day to call this area the Creators Library. The place that creators can visit to learn about all of the different programs out there for creators to use without bias. If you would like to help build guides for the community or have your own content to share, please use the contact us form and let us know how you want to help! We are happy to see all kinds of support for content creators and their communities.

Special Thanks


Wizard of Loneliness



Graphic Designer & Animator


Twitch Partner

Live Lift Game

Twitch Streamer

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Most of these guides are free to view online. Your purchase today would go far towards the enrichment of this project and helping the creators that make these guides and resources possible. The amounts vary, the website does not take a commission percentage for these guides, and the sales (after applicable taxes and fees) go directly to those that help research, write, and edit new guides and update current guides as much as possible. As a thank you for your support, all of the guides included in the package you choose are delivered as downloadable PDF's and we sprinkle in some bonuses from time to time. Thank You For Your Support!

* These guides are made for Windows PCs and Android devices. We will specify any information that can be used for other devices and programs.


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