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Welcome to a collection of both free and paid resources recommended for streamers, by streamers. In honor of our transparency policy, Stream beginnings is an Amazon Associate and we earn from qualifying purchases. 

PC Builds

Looking to build a new streaming or gaming PC? Check out our list of PC builds that accommodate any budget.


Whether you game or create masterpieces, good gear is a must. Unlock your potential with our recommended gear and accessories.


Sound quality is very important when creating content and entertaining an audience. Our sound guys have put together a list of suggested audio equipment to use in your setup.

Download Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is an industry leading streaming software that we use in many of our guides. It is free to download and free to use. Currently only available for Windows.


Check out our members free to download Android apps!

Internet Speed Test

We recommend a minimum of 3mbps upload speed to stream.

Essentials Series Guides

If you're new to streaming, this is where your streaming career begins. Essentials guides are color coded, step by step guides that not only show you how to start streaming from your PC, but also teach you how to use the streaming software beyond going live.

Professional Series Guides

The Professional Series guides provide an in depth breakdown of popular channel tools, programs, websites, and topics. We analyzed this information and paired it with practical applications and built instructions for you to apply what you learn to your content.


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